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Break (it) down

Updated: Sep 18, 2019

Do you have big dreams? Do you visualise yourself at the release party of your next album, touring around the world with your own band or making your own documentary?

I do. Romantic, wild ideas excite me.

But on some days, the distance between my dream life and today discourages me and creates feelings of overwhelm. The stories that I tell myself go like this: you are still not where you dream of being, maybe you're not taking enough action, maybe you should have ..., maybe you will never manage to write and release your own music. I believe the negative thoughts. I feel anxious and depressed. I break down. And that's not a great place to be, nor to take action towards my dreams.

Today, I woke up feeling anxious. I allowed myself time to observe my emotions and decided to write about my feelings. Then I remembered.

I need to break it down. One thing that works like magic for me, is defining a few action steps for this particular week and to forget about that dream for a bit. Big goals can be intimidating, like a mountain too high to climb.

Close your eyes for a minute and write down 3 tiny steps that you can take this week. Let your intuition guide you on what you will prioritise this week. Define action steps that feel easy, joyful and that will challenge you a little bit.

For me, one of the 3 action steps for this week is: prepare for a wedding in September. I then write down exactly how I can do this:

- play the song Better Together twice a day

- find the chords of the song Crazy Little Thing Called love

- practise Crazy Little Thing Called love on the guitar every day for 20 minutes

- learn the lyrics by heart

I write down 2 more action steps. After writing down this week's action steps, the overwhelm slowly vanishes, I breathe, and I start to feel more hopeful.

This ritual can also work if you do not have a clear dream or vision for yourself, but you do feel that you need a change. Follow curiosity. What would you like to explore?

You can create a weekly ritual where you tune in with your intuition and write down some mini action steps. You can light a candle, some incense or start with a short guided meditation, but make sure you don't set the bar too high. It needs to be a ritual that helps you and you want to set yourself up for success.

What are your 3 action steps for this week?

Sending love today to everyone who needs it!

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