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2019: year of connection

Updated: Aug 14, 2019

2018 was my year of no fear: my intention for the year was to take action steps in the field of music, despite fear. Fear was gonna be there with me along the way, but I would not let it take over and let it inform my decisions (as much).

So when 2019 started in January, I felt a little lost. What word to pick for 2019? I have found it and would love to share my word for 2019. It is: connection.

This year - for me - is all about reaching out to other musicians and creatives to find inspiration, learn about music, art, spirituality, the creative process and the music industry. I've come to realise that, for years I thought I had to do it all by myself. I had to figure it all out, alone. I did not surround myself with musicians, artists and other creatives so much. And as a result, felt (sometimes feel) a little lonely in this music journey.

But I do naturally write to language schools to find new jobs as a teacher. It comes easily. I think it's because I'm not so afraid to fail as a teacher because it's within my comfort zone. Also, it might be harder to find a way to make money off of music.

Finding your tribe or community will give you new ideas for work and life and can provide a sense of purpose and happiness. When we collaborate we can guide and inspire each other along the way.

How can you connect more with other creatives?

- find musicians/creatives on social media and send them a private message to see if they wanna go for coffee with you/jam/collaborate

- send out emails to cafés/venues and see if you can play a show

- attend open mics and chat with other musicians

- ask for help: maybe you don't know how to mix a song --> find someone who could do that for you

- find websites or agencies that will help you find shows, such as Plugify

- try playing a gig abroad/in a different city

Note: it's important you feel you can be yourself with the other person. That you feel lighter and happier after meeting up. If a jam session/meeting/project doesn't feel right, that's ok. It is part of the process and you can't expect to succeed every time, but trying will eventually lead you to a new opportunity or insight.

What is your intention for 2019? Do you surround yourself with people who inspire you? What action step could you take this week to connect with other creatives?

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