Singing lessons 


Do you love singing? Would you like to learn about vocal technique or songwriting? I'm here to help!

Your lessons are tailored to you and your pace and taught in English or Dutch. 

I can help you with:


  • vocal technique

  • interpretation and performance

  • learning to accompany yourself on the guitar or piano

  • songwriting

  • music theory (chords, intervals, scales etc.)

  • sight-reading

  • building confidence

  • entrepreneurship for musicians (finding gigs, setting up a website, releasing music etc.)

I'm available for singing lessons on Mondays and Fridays.


45-minute lessons

students under 21:

casual class: €25

4 classes: €80 (€20 per class)

lessons are VAT exempt

students over 21:

casual class: €30

4 classes: €100 (€25 per class)

rates exclude 21% VAT

I also offer two-to-one classes, perfect for two friends who'd like to sing together. 


Lessons are often paid for in packs of 4 upfront. Paying for a group of 4 lessons gives you a discounted rate and gives you more flexibility with time changes if necessary. 


Please note: All scheduled lessons are to be cancelled a minimum of 24 hours before the start time otherwise the full fee will apply. No refunds given. 

Your first singing lesson

During your first class, we will define your learning objectives. 



Amsterdam Nieuw-West (near Amsterdam Lelylaan Station) or online via Zoom.

T: +31 (0)6 42947852


Your vocal coach: Joëtta 

Despite having a degree in Psychology and in International Development Studies from the University of Amsterdam, I followed my heart and decided to pursue music as a career. I studied at several music schools and started writing and performing music. 

In March 2017, I joined fellow singer-songwriters Tiana and Fanni in the folk band Wiens Lief. We released a single titled Better than me in July of the same year, played many shows and participated in the Amsterdamse Popprijs competition. As a solo artist, I released two singles in 2021. 


I'm passionate about my work as a coach because I find it incredibly rewarding to help students reach their goals. My experience as a teacher isn't limited to music; I also teach yoga and have taught language classes to kids, teens and adults. 

I find it important that you feel safe and comfortable in class so that you can freely practise music and enjoy making music.

I have studied at:

  • Estill Voice Technique levels I and II with Anne-Marie Speed (Royal Welsch School of Music and Drama, Cardiff)

  • Rockschool, London (certificate in Popular Music Performance Grade 8 Popular Vocals)

  • DJAM, Amsterdam

  • CAMM, Málaga (Spain)

  • Berklee (online)

Listen to my music here.

I hope we get to meet soon!